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Dairy farmers in mountain areas

We produce millions of litres of cow’s milk every year thanks to our dairy farmers settled in the heart of the Auvergne Mountains.

Our farmers-partners are constantly concerned with the quality of their milk, the well being of their animals and the respect of the environment and local lands.

Because of climate and geographical factors specific to the mountains, working conditions of the farmers are more difficult than in meadows.

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COOP.A.L : Société Coopérative Agricole Auvergne Limousin (Agricultural Cooperative Auvergne Limousin)

The COOP.A.L supplies us with the milk it collects from its 560 dairy farmers. They are our most important partners.



The COOP.A.L mostly collects mountain milk,

from the dairy farmers, members of the cooperative, in a geographical area that brings together 7 different French counties:

  • Ardeche: the entire volume of milk collected from our dairy farmers in Ardeche is mountain milk
  • Cantal: the entire volume collected is mountain milk
  • Correze: the entire volume collected is mountain milk
  • The Haute-Loire County: the entire volume collected is mountain
  • The Puy-de-Dôme: 90% of the milk collected is mountain milk
  • Allier
  • The Creuse


Dairy production issues in mountain areas

Farming and dairy production are more complicated in mountain areas than in meadows because of geographical and climatic specificities. These issues lead to higher costs.

But mountain farmers play a great environmental and economic role. Indeed, they widely contribute to improve land use in these mountain areas.