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Our Dairy farmers

We are very attached to rural and local traditions. We protect our lands and respect men more than anything else.

Therefore, our milk is collected with a permanent concern of equity and quality.

We have a very strong connection with our dairy farmers. They play a major role in our company. They form our cooperative.

The milk collection

Our milk is collected exclusively in France, and particularly in the Auvergne Region and in the Limousin Region.

The vast majority of our milk volume comes from the COOP.A.L : Société Coopérative Agricole Auvergne Limousin (Agricultural Cooperative Auvergne Limousin).


Passionate and involved dairy farmers

Our dairy farmers are passionate about their profession which is very often passed on from generation to generation.

Indeed, we enjoy a strong partnership with self-exigent dairy farmers who are very attentive and concerned about the quality of their milk.

Moreover they do not only have a role to play on their farm but also in protecting the environment. Indeed, they significantly contribute to populate these rural areas as well as improving land use and the environment preservation.