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From the cows to your glass of milk…How is milk produced?

Milk comes from healthy cows which have had a calf. Indeed, to give milk, a cow must have given birth to a calf.

All cows are not dairy cows. Among the herds of our farmers, 2 breeds of dairy cows are mainly represented:

  • The Holstein, which is the main dairy cow in France. Its’ the dairy cow that is the most present on the European territory and it’s the one that gives the largest volumes of milk.


  • The Montbeliarde, which is a dairy cow particularly adapted to mountain areas and that gives large quantities of good milk

Dairy cows are generally in fields in pasture during summer and in barns during the winter period. They are milked every day, once or twice a day. The milking is adapted to the personal needs of each cow.

Our dairy farmers use modern and efficient milking machines, and rigorously respect the hygiene standards and the cold chain. They really take care of each of their cows, and also always make sure that their farm is clean and well maintained.



From pastures to processing: the dairy production circuit

All through the production circuit of milk, the main principle is the respect of strict quality standards. Indeed, sanitary and quality controls are conducted from the very first steps of dairy production until the milk is ready for consumption.

  Production and processing circuit of raw milk, fresh pasteurised milk, and UHT milk :