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Mountain Milk

A healthy, authentic and natural product that also meets highest quality standards


Milk Production

Dairy farming and production in mountain areas involve special issues. Mountain milk production is only possible thanks to an involved […]


A certified quality milk

SLVA is an efficient and competitive dairy cooperative that stays regionally rooted.            


100% French Milk

We commit ourselves to guaranty the origin of our milk: it is exclusively produced in France.

SIAL 2016 - Laiterie SLVA

SIAL 2016

26/05/2016 19:23

The SIAL China took place in Shanghai on 05-07 May 2016

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26/05/2016 19:11

Milky veal roast

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Milk a force of nature

It is well known : the calcium of milk and dairy products contributes to the growth and maintenance of bones and teeth. But did you know that milk naturally contains large amounts of other essential nutrients that can stay healthy , regardless of your age? Protein , phosphorus , magnesium , vitamins B2 and B12 … that make milk a true force of nature.

Milk: unique properties

Milk is nutritious by nature , and contrary to popular belief, provides few calories. For example, a glass of semi-skimmed milk (100 ml ) containing 1.5 % fat provides only 46 calories .

Sometimes people think it’s easy to replace the milk with other food sources of calcium. Yet it is very difficult because milk and milk products provide more than half of our calcium. And they naturally contain other nutrients: high quality protein , vitamins B2 and B12. Without milk, these nutrients you will fail .

The natural goodness of milk

Milk is a natural source of well-being. Expendable at any time, it holds a special place in a balanced diet1.

You’re not a fan of milk? Know that it is also an ingredient in cooking resourceful locate our tasty recipes based on milk.

1 Meets the nutritional guidelines of the national health and nutrition program

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